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Volume 69, Issue 138, Wednesday, April 28, 2004


Staff Editorial


                            Matt Dulin    Barrett Goldsmith    Zach Lee 
                Jim Parsons            Christian Schmidt           Blake Whitaker

And the survey says

UH's administrators were students once -- heavy on the "once."

As keen as they may be in listening to students' feelings, they aren't always getting the full picture, nor are they necessarily hearing about the good things the University might be doing.

Moreover, not every student gets the opportunity he or she may want to voice opinions to key administrators. This is especially true at UH, where committees and forums try to incorporate students but are often hindered by low turnout.

The Student Satisfaction Survey, handled by Learning Support Services, bridges the gap between those who were once a student and those who are students.

The survey can be accessed online at, and only takes a few minutes to complete. 

The comprehensive survey measures students' level of satisfaction with several areas of the campus, especially Student Fee-funded groups. The survey also asks students about parking, food and entertainment on campus, and a comments form lets students put in their own two cents about anything.

The survey is anonymous and requires only a Cougar 1Card to complete. 

There's no reason not to take the time to complete it, and there are plenty of reasons to be careful and put some thought into your responses.

The results of the survey will end up in the hands of UH's vice presidents, deans and other administrators. The Student Fees Advisory Committee uses results from the study to examine student support of units receiving funds from the general Student Service Fee -- organizations such as Athletics, The Daily Cougar and the Student Government Association. 

We cannot overstate the importance of taking part in this survey. Your responses -- your voice -- will result in real changes at UH.

Do it before you become "once a student."
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