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Volume 69, Issue 148, Thursday, June 24, 2004


Science of sports can be explained through application

By Tricia Ene
The Daily Cougar

Ever found yourself marveling at how an athlete like Tiger Woods is able to hit that seemingly impossible stroke? It might be more than just athletic talent. 

On Tuesday, UH played host to a session at Science & Research I that put in prospective the role science plays in sports, with an emphasis on golf. Ed Tymes, a master teacher for the Southeastern Consortium for Minorities in Engineering, conducted the session. Visitors of the session included everyone from teachers to high school students. 

"In the world of golf, technology rules," Tymes said. "There is no sport where technology doesn't play a major role."

At the opening of the session, Tymes explained that his concept of teaching science and math would involve hands-on learning. Some of his objectives were to actively involve the student in the learning process, exhibit the application of mathematics and science in development of real world technologies, show examples of engineering and technical concepts and motivate student interest in mathematics and science.

Tymes' session also focussed on the concept of rocket science. To the average person, the concept sounds very intimidating, he said. His teaching method ensured the concept would be clear to those without a scientific background. 

Participants were asked to find the Coefficient of Restitution, a quantity used to describe certain properties of an impact or collision, by engaging in experiments such as testing various golf ball and even getting a chance to go outside and measure stroke distance using different clubs. 

Tymes said he's committed to teaching because, in his town, everyone is just satisfied to go and work at the nearby Tyson poultry factory. He wants to let those in his town know there is a world of information outside the small community.

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