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Volume 69, Issue 154, Thursday, July 15, 2004


SGA lauds productive session

Bill calling for giving UH police defibrillators sent to a Senate committee

By Barrett Goldsmith
The Daily Cougar

Despite low attendance and new leadership, the Student Government Association Senate has already made an impact this summer, SGA Vice President Matthew Bell said at a Senate meeting Wednesday.

"This has been the most productive SGA session I've seen in years," Bell said. "We've passed some major legislation and we've made real progress on a lot of projects."

The Senate passed three major pieces of legislation at its meeting June 30, including a bill calling for the creation of at least one non-smoking entrance to every non-residential UH building.

Student Government Association President Jon Quintanilla said Wednesday he plans to sign SGA legislation calling for smoking restrictions on campus and the protection of students' Social Security numbers.
Manuel Rearte/The Daily Cougar

SGA President John Quintanilla said he would sign the bill, and that he and At-Large Sen. Michael Graves, the author of the bill, would need to resolve some issues when they discuss it with administrators.

"We need to nail down the enforcement question," Quintanilla said. "Hopefully the administration, along with Sen. Graves and myself, can work out an acceptable way to enforce this legislation."

Quintanilla also said he would sign a pair of bills dealing with the protection of students' Social Security numbers, also passed at the June 30 meeting. After Quintanilla signs the bills, they will go to UH administrators for discussion.

At-Large Sen. Ken Maynard and College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Sen. Natalie Schultz recently secured an additional 100 parking spaces for Cougar Place residents. 

Other senators are working on plans for a proposed campus parking garage. The ground floor of the garage would be partially devoted to retail and offices, but details are still being discussed. Wednesday's meeting included a new piece of legislation that would require UH police officers to carry external defibrillators, which can help treat victims of cardiac arrests and could potentially save lives. The bill, written by Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Sen. Mark Annas, was sent to committee after a motion to bypass was defeated.

Attendance at meetings has been sparse this summer, and only 13 of the original 22 senators are now acting members of the Senate because of an SGA rule calling for dismissal of a senator after his or her second absence. The senators will be welcomed back when the attendance cycle resets this fall.

The Senate will next meet at 7:30 p.m. July 28 in the University Center Underground's Mediterranean Room.

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