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Volume 69, Issue 154, Thursday, July 15, 2004


UH prof receives award for math

Cougar News Services

Roland Glowinski, a UH mathematics and mechanical engineering professor, will receive the prestigious Theodore von Kármán Prize today at a meeting in Portland, Ore.

The award, named for the aerodynamicist who co-founded the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology in 1944, was established in 1968 and is awarded every five years for notable applications of math to mechanics or engineering sciences.

Glowinski is known for his research in new mathematical models of particle flow and the application of mathematical and computational methods to the design of a new type of heart valve. He has been at the University since 1985.

In addition to receiving the $1,000 von Kármán Prize, Glowinski gave a 25-minute special lecture, "On the Numerical Simulation of Incompressible Viscous Flow with Moving or Free Boundary: Applications," on Wednesday at the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics' annual meeting in Portland.

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