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Volume 69, Issue 18, Thursday, September 18, 2003


Letters to the Editor

Our choice

I applaud the Residence Hall Association's vote against the proposed contract between UH and SafeDecisions. The decision facing Andy Blank, director of Residential Life and Housing, is whether to contract with SafeDecisions to place a safe in each dorm room (whether or not it is requested). This ridiculous would be an unwelcome addition to the UH corporate family.

Under the plan, safes would be placed in each dorm room, regardless of whether or not students want them, meaning that the safes must first be purchased -- unless SafeDecisions donates the safes out of concern.

What concerns me is that even students who do not live in dormitories may end up footing the bill. In the end, it is Blank, and not the RHA, who will decide whether to enter into a contract with SafeDecisions. I urge students to dissent strongly against this proposal, and to inform Blank of their disapproval.

The same article points to another problem with UH-corporate mergers -- the campus-wide monopoly. Chartwell's wants to charge higher prices, but the quality of their services and products have been declining. The cause of is protectionist contracts granted by UH. The only effective treatment is free competition.

Chartwell's benefits unduly from a monopolistic contract with UH, as does Coca-Cola, Barnes and Noble, restaurants at the Millennium Cafe, and a host of others. The lack of free competition is detrimental not only to students' pocketbooks, but also to the quality of services and products the students receive.

Students pay for education, books and soft drinks. It is time for the University to stop acting like a regime and start letting consumers make their own product choices.

Monica Granger
junior, biophysics

Letters Policy

Letters to the editor are welcome from all members of the UH community and should focus on issues, not personalities. Letters must be typed and must include the author's name, telephone number and affiliation with the University. Anonymous letters will not be published. Letters are subject to editing for clarity, language and space. Letters may be delivered in person to Room 151, Communication; e-mailed to ; or faxed to (713) 743-5384.Send comments to


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