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Volume 69, Issue 18, Thursday, September 18, 2003


Health dept. demands respect

Roxy Sanchez
Guest Columnist

As a senior, I expected my last year to be enjoyable and pleasant, considering I am about to graduate and I will finally receive my degree in kinesiology. For those of you who are not familiar with this degree or associate kinesiology with physical education -- yeah, the P.E. you took in high school -- kinesiology is the study of human movement and it involves business, marketing, recreation, exercise science and education.

My point is when I came back from summer break and entered what was once Garrison Gymnasium, where most of my kinesiology classes were held, I discovered that the building will become the new math building. Math? So all the classrooms that were for the 700 or more kinesiology students and the hundreds of health students are now for the math students? We have been cast into the shadows of the math department and we must now be content with limited, overcrowded classrooms.

So tell us, where do we the future exercise scientists, physical therapists, educators and sports administrators go? It is us, the future kinesiology and health graduates, that will go out and help the lives of those who suffer from heart disease, obesity, diabetes and other life threatening diseases. It is because of us, that our future physical therapists will help those in debilitating accidents walk once again. It is because of our department that one can enjoy a Monday night football game because of our future elite athletic strength and conditioning graduates and our future sports administrators.

Kinesiology and health are serious majors that continue to have the least respect from the University. Our student majors also pay the yearly increased tuition and the so-called "student" fees and deal with the same parking hassles as all of the other students. I thought it was bad enough that we were never able to enjoy a lounge or even chairs to sit on in between classes and instead sat on the floor or just stood around. We once thought we were lucky because at least we had a few computers that for the most part worked, however those were taken away from us as well.

Yes, UH students, it is like this for us and we are tired of the mistreatment and we believe we are owed the recognition and respect we, the health and human performance department deserve.

Sanchez, a senior kineseology major, 
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