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Volume 69, Issue 18, Thursday, September 18, 2003


Staff Editorial


                            Bridget Brown    Matthew Dulin 
Ray Hafner                  Geronimo Rodriguez                Lisa Street


Hats off

It's great to know that The Daily Cougar is not alone in putting students first when it comes to campus concerns.

Associate Vice Chancellor/Vice President for Plant Operations Dave Irvin has been a busy man this week after reading "Some kinks hamper buses," in the news section and "Trudging by trash on way to class stinks" in the opinion section Monday. Irvin called the Cougar office Wednesday to let us know solutions have been proposed for both the transportation and trash problems.

"We read the Cougar every day to see if there's something we need to address," Irvin said.

Well, thank you, Dave.

Under Irvin's supervision, plant operations decided to add more routes to the red and blue shuttle bus lines. They had been planning the additions for a while, but recognized the urgency and importance of the situation after reading the article.

Parking and Transportation will spend $90, 948 over the fiscal year by increasing the size of buses running and adding buses to the two routes.

With the addition of another 28-seat red bus, students' wait time for the red line route will be decreased to six minutes from the usual 10-minute wait. Also, a fourth bus will be added to the blue line route and other buses' size will increase, which will cut student's wait time to five minutes from seven minutes. Thank goodness someone is doing something to help with the annoying parking and transportation problem. Getting to class on time is a good thing.

But with overflowing, oozing trash dumpsters near student parking by the athletics building, Irvin will recommend that plant operations take over the trash duties in order to solve the problem. Now, thanks to Irvin, maybe students can have a pleasant, non-nauseating walk to class from the parking lot.

The rest of the University -- members of the administration, staff, faculty and even students -- should follow Irvin's lead by reading The Daily Cougar and taking care of campus problems as needed.

These problems getting tackled are a perfect example of students and staff members working together to improve the University. It's a great thing we have going here, so let's keep up the good work.


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