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By Manuel Rearte/The Daily Cougar

But not forgotten: As part of a POW/MIA remembrance ceremony on Butler Plaza Friday, Margaret Castellano, vice president of Phi Chi Sigma, a national veteran's fraternity, and her daughter join ROTC cadet Lee Hale, center, and Army Lt. Col. John Perkowski to take time for soldiers who have still not been accounted for. Perkowski, whose father was captured by the Japanese in 1942, traveled from Kansas City, Mo., to take part in a Houston POW symposium over the weekend.of October, if all goes as planned. See story on Page 6. 


UH goes into overdrive, wins 42-35
Fans leaving Robertson Stadium after Houston's 42-35 victory over Mississippi State Saturday were greeted by an unfamiliar sight -- traffic. Most of the 26,233 fans that attended the game stayed until the end, making leaving the parking lot afterwards a time-consuming proposition. Those 26,233 fans were 11,247 more than UH averaged at last year's home games.

Public schools killed by vouchers
Ah, school vouchers, the ultimate conservative dream. Take money away from the public education system, one of the most wildly successful government programs in this nation's history, and give it to private organizations that have virtually no regulation.

UH puts monster mash on Bulldogs
Art Briles' Cougars have stormed out to an impressive 3-1 start and they've done it in a style that has the children and boozing alumni literally dancing in the aisles.

Wrinkles don't stop rock
When upper-echelon bands such as U2, R.E.M. or even legendary solo acts such as Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello take the stage, shows can be hit or miss. Due to massive catalogs from years of albums, an audience member might find himself saying, "That was good, but I wish they would have played these other songs instead."

Cougar Comics

Campus Spotlight

Volume 69, Issue 20, Monday, September 22, 2003


UH goes into overdrive, wins 42-35

Parking spaces fall short of enrollment

UHS at Sugar Land fills needs of older students

Campus Crime Update


Public schools killed by vouchers

Vouchers make school satisfactory

We both know your secret

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Editorial Cartoon


UH puts monster mash on Bulldogs

Cougar 'D' knows how to clean up


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Wrinkles don't stop rock

Dark 'Underworld' overcomes many flaws

'Secondhand' shines like new

Tough guys live another day

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