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RLH confronts dorm mold
The battle against Houston's humidity and the mildew and mold growth it causes continues for campus residents despite Residential Life and Housing's efforts to eradicate the problem.

Vigiliante superheroes are back
When we were kids, the vigilantes shown to us in movies, television and print were very much on the violent side, dealing out their own brand of justice with guns and knives. The Terminator killed indiscriminately, and The Punisher even turned against the goody-goody Spider-Man to get the job done. Now, in a world less enchanted by senseless violence, there's Angle-Grinder Man.

UH still winless vs. C-USA teams
The Houston soccer team scored two goals Sunday, more than it had scored in any other game this season. But it wasn't enough as East Carolina defender Penny Perrott knocked home an unassisted goal in the 64th minute to beat the Cougars 3-2. It followed a 1-0 loss to Saint Louis on Friday and dropped UH to 2-8-1 and 0-4 in Conference USA.

Alley's '¡Cantiflas!' a comedic success
The comedic stylings of the Mexican comedian Mario Moreno -- better known by his stage name, Cantinflas -- is perfectly portrayed in the Alley Theatre's ¡Cantinflas!.

Cougar Comics

Campus Spotlight

Volume 69, Issue 25, Monday September 29, 2003


RLH confronts dorm mold

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Vigilante supeheroes are back

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UH still winless vs. C-USA teams

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Pirates want to have gay ol' time vs. Coogs


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Alley's '¡Cantiflas!' a comedic success

Matthews changes pace with solo 'Devil'

Glass' live score to silent film hypnotic

Madball brings hardcore to Houston on Tuesday

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