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By Nathan Lindstrom/The Daily Cougar

That'll get you detention: After a slight breeze finally broke summer's back and ushered in the arrival of fall, Jimmy Nguyen, a third-year optometry student, skips class to play tennis Monday afternoon. The day was so nice, he couldn't bear to stay indoors, Nguyen said.


Parking problems come cheaper at UH
While it's no secret UH commuters have parking problem, and won't hesitate to complain about them, other Texas college students are paying more and dealing with the same dilemmas.

Try to focus on Bush's actions
Everybody has at least one dirty little secret. I happen to have two.

McLane's frugality cheapens Astros
It's been five long years since Chicago made it to the playoffs, and Cubs fans will get to see their beloved team try to make it to their first World Series since 1945 and their first championship since 1908. The Cubs were quite the world-beaters in the championship series, going 2-2 from '06 to '10. 

Paloalto fabricates preppy alternative
If American Eagle made music instead of clothes, it would sound like the Southern California four-piece Paloalto. Meticulously placed on the outskirts of popular culture, the band, like the clothing company, has a style that fits perfectly into every suburban mall across America, nestled quietly between Candice's Candle Extravaganza and the vending machines. 

Cougar Comics

Campus Spotlight

Volume 69, Issue 26, Tuesday, September 30, 2003


Parking problems come cheaper at UH

Neurologist to speak at campus conference

Blast off for UHS at Clear Lake students

New degree aimed at builders

PRSSA advised on PR ethics


Try to focus on Bush's actions

A few solutions to UH's problems

Library computers aren't for playtime

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon


McLane's frugality cheapens Astros

Kenny 'Wright' for Texans

Mackovic knived, Cal upsets Trojans

Arts & Entertainment

Paloalto fabricates preppy alternative

Fischerspooner pushes style envelope

Selma's authentic style doesn't sizzle

Trucker hats should be left in the semi

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