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Sanchez MIA at mayoral debate
Only two of the three major candidates for Houston mayor attended Wednesday's mayoral debate in the Houston Room of the University Center, giving some candidates a bit of fodder to use against the absentee Orlando Sanchez.

Iraq plan on questionable path
With reports coming out of Iraq criticizing the United States for resorting to collective punishment, I say we've been too soft on rebel scum sympathizers. Patrick Cockburn of the London Independent reported that U.S. soldiers in Dhuluaya bulldozed the fields of some 50 families of the Khazraji.

Memphis gelds the Trashman
Memphis -- the city is so inbred, Arkansas kicked it out.

But Memphis got the last laugh. Just look at its lengthy list of accomplishments: It is the pork barbecue capital of the world and the hardwood capital of the world. Within its borders are the world's largest cargo airport, the third largest rail center in the U.S. and the fourth largest inland port in the country, not to mention it has the third largest pyramid in the world.

Chicks not your normal honky-tonk
When Bar Houston was created as part of the Bayou Place center downtown, the popular club was paired with another dance club, Have a Nice Day Cafe. But the clubs were too similar, though, and now the spot adjacent to Bar Houston is better occupied by Whiskey Chicks, a dance club with a Coyote Ugly twist.

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Volume 69, Issue 38, Thursday, October 16, 2003


Sanchez MIA  at mayoral debate

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Iraq plan on questionable path

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Memphis gelds the Trashman

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Chicks not your normal honky-tonk

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