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Feature Photo
By Erol Dolen/The Daily Cougar

Mad ups: Chris "Slim" Williams, a student at Gulf Shores Academy, shows off with a monster dunk while visiting the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center on Monday night.


Students may find reprieve in traffic court
UH's commuters seldom grow tired of complaining about parking tickets. What many don't know is that there's a University body that would like to hear those complaints -- assuming they're true.

Houston to bank, bust from Bowl
I spent Sunday afternoon like many other loyal Houston football fans: watching the Texans. They managed to play just well enough to keep the fans interested, but choked more spectacularly than a giraffe in a boa constrictor pit during the final minutes of the game.

The little mermaid
After four consecutive wins on the springboard, most would say sophomore diver Azul Almazan has the right stuff, but the Mexico City native knows that nothing comes cheap.

Nadiri rocks, video game style
Pop-punk bands are not hard to come by, especially in the local scene. This is not to say the sound is tired, but many would agree that it is not hard to master. Many bands have found that adding new instruments to the genre is the best way to offer fans something new. 

Cougar Comics

Campus Spotlight

Volume 69, Issue 41, Tuesday, October 21, 2003


Students may find reprieve in traffic court

Red ink splashes at center

Latest drive keeps KUHF on the air

Film series offers up history


Houston to bank, bust from Bowl

Movie remakes devalue originals

Homosexuality should be expressed free from ridicule

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon


The little mermaid

Cougars need to have that 'want-to'

Texas roped by senile Testaverde

Oklahoma, Miami kings of BCS heap

Arts & Entertainment

Nadiri rocks, video game style

Murphy gets by with help from his friends

Pre-movie spots spread in theaters

Nothing valuable on the horizon for 'Go'

'Jury' brings curt drama to next level

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