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Feature Photo
By Holden Chang/The Daily Cougar

You could poke your eye out: Engineering graduate student Nic Stoffle parries a lunge from photography junior Santos Gaitan in the UH Wellness Center on Thursday night. The Fencing club at UH won third place in the Southwest Intercollegiate Fencing Association in San Marcos on Saturday.


Ethnic organizations drum up good time at UC Arbor
Misplaced beats, chanting and semi-rhythmic sounds filled the UC Arbor on Thursday night as The Council of Ethnic Organization and the Student Programming Board hosted a Cougar International Drum Circle event.

Cameras in class couldn't hurt
Look Ma, I'm on TV! Alas, a lot more people will have the privilege of uttering those words. While it might not be on a network, they're definitely going to be watched. Legislators are trying to make it possible for more public places to have more eyes in the sky. Shopping malls and parking lots are one thing, but how do people feel about cameras in classrooms? It's no secret that many schools already have cameras installed in hallways and cafeterias, but classrooms?

V-ball aims to build momentum
After more than a week off, the UH volleyball team will try to continue its steady improvement while playing a pair of weekend matches against Conference USA opponents.

Spoof, dramas to attempt box office royalty
The horror genre received a quick jolt back to life last weekend with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre bloodying up the box office. It hopes to continue the success with the popular horror-spoof genre release Scary Movie 3. Cuba Gooding, Jr. also hopes to capitalize on the spoof market as he plays a "special" character in Radio (Actually, this is a serious movie. Ed Harris, the co-star, will never be in a comedy). Angelina Jolie and her huge lips also return to the screen in the feel-good-but-maybe-a-little-too-good film Beyond Borders.

Cougar Comics

Campus Spotlight

Volume 69, Issue 44, Friday, October 24, 2003


Ethnic organizations drum up good times at UC Arbor

Houston's immigrants find help at UH clinic

Blueprint Ball raises more than $125,000


Cameras in class couldn't hurt

There's a future in tuition futures

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon


V-ball aims to build momentum

Soccer plays for pride, seniors

Mr. BCS goes to Washington

Arts & Entertainment

Spoof, dramas to attempt box office royalty

Weekend concerts cover all interests

MTV has hilarious, innovative new lineup

'Lament' shines like 'Castlevania'

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