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When a group of faculty members, administrators and guests gathered on Halloween day, 1950 to dedicate the Ezekiel W. Cullen Building, they didnit know the building would become a playground for multiple hauntings.

The 'race-card' played in politics
"The race card." Iim sure youive heard that phrase before. Itis tossed around in politics like beads at Mardi Gras. But this phrase does not sit well with me. Its connotation and the context in which it is normally used trivialize a much larger, heavier issue. Race is not a game. Minorities are not pawns in a game, or at least I like to think they are not. I am starting to feel like I am in full-blown denial about this, though.

Turning the Tide
When you grow up surrounded by water, like Lucile Turpin did, you learn how to swim. Quick.

Saucer has best brew selection
There are plates everywhere at the Flying Saucer Draught Emporium. They cluster on the walls like fish scales, dot the ceiling and line up above the beer taps. Theyire everywhere.

Cougar Comics

Campus Spotlight

Volume 69, Issue 49, Thursday, October 30, 2003



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The 'race card' played in politics

Kissinger: Diplomat or criminal

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Turning the Tide

Volleyball a worthy sport alternative

BCS system exclusionary

New C-USA should help UH prosper

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Saucer has best brew selection

Halloween must-see horror

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