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Women alleges abuse at daycare center
A UH student and parent has accused an employee of the UH Child Care Center of abusing her 4-year-old son and took her complaint public by passing out flyers Thursday to notify other parents who use the center.

Bad roomates are burdensome
As a campus resident, I usually try to write about things that concern the average person living on campus. Living at UH is a grand adventure filled with blown fuses caused by running microwave ovens, illegal file sharing, pornographic magazines and food you normally wouldn't go within 10 feet of, but that you eat because you're broke and can't afford anything else.

The Incredible Bulk
Senior offensive tackle Matt Mattox is one of the unsung heroes responsible for the renaissance of Cougar football.

Deftones aren't going anywhere
Chino Wong Moreno is a true rarity in the rock world. He carries an honest demeanor that is rivaled only by the operatic, pitch-perfect vocals coming from his lips. He is a boy-next-door type who smiles shyly and shows a devotion to his band's fans that is as strong as the loyalty they feel for the Deftones. It's easy to get lost in his crooning voice that sounds sexual, ethereal and demanding all at once.

Cougar Comics

Campus Spotlight

Volume 69, Issue 54, Friday, November 7, 2003


Women alleges abuse at daycare center

Brill to speak at Law Center

Law student wins writing contest


Bad roommates are burdensome

Try giving telemarketers a break

Loosen up and and eat what tastes yummy

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon


The Incredible Bulk

V-Ball takes on best in C-USA

Arts & Entertainment

Deftones aren't going anywhere

Big-name bands to play local venues

Saxophonist rebels against norm

Local slip-hop to play Saturday

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