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Volume 69, Issue 56, Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Arts & Entertainment

Charlotte helps out the hopeless

Eve 6, Goldfinger complete tour

By Lindsey Bowers
The Daily Cougar

Good Charlotte fans in Houston were treated to a generous dose of the popular punk-rock group when the band headlined back-to-back shows Saturday and Sunday as part of "The Young & The Hopeless World Tour" at the Verizon Wireless Theater.

Before the group performed, a painted scrim that depicted a 1950s-style white American family sitting around a television set that showed the picture of a nuclear mushroom cloud hung downstage.

Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden rocked alongside his twin brother Joel on Saturday night at the Verizon Wireless Theater. A second show was added for The Young & The Hopeless World Tour on Sunday night.
Dixie Ann Dalton/The Daily Cougar.

The coolest effect happened when black lights started shining on the scrim and made the band's name glow a striking florescent green.

The sweaty mosh pit was packed, but still was a blast --crowd surfers floated atop the audience during Good Charlotte hits "Girls and Boys," "Anthem" and "Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous."

"Hold On"-- a song about continuance through bad situations -- portrayed a more sensitive side to the band beneath the Matrix-style lighting fixtures that gleamed with a warm yellow hue.

Keeping with that same message of perseverance, Joel and Benji Madden showed appreciation for their fans and encouraged the youthful crowd to never give up on their dreams. They also gave Texans a cool compliment when they said that Texas has the best shows of the tour, and that the Saturday night performance was the most fun they've had playing in the state.

Goldfinger took the stage with drummer Darrin Pfeiffer running out to center stage in a hot pink G-string swiveling his hips to the Rocky theme song. "Dangerous Darrin's" lucrative dancing was quite the sight, but that's exactly the type of escapade commonly expected from the energetic band from Southern California.

Putting all antics aside, frontman John Feldmann said that both he and guitarist Brian Arthur are vegans -- and that he'd be happy to explain why after the show -- during his political prelude to the eye-opening title track off their latest album, Open Your Eyes.

Eve 6 opened up the show Saturday at 7:30 p.m. with the mellow groove-rock sounds found on their latest album It's All in Your Head

Even though he's a cute redhead, lead singer of Eve 6 Max Collins is one strange Scottish lad. Appearing to mimic a bird in flight by flapping his arms like they were wings, Collins danced as weird as he did during their last Houston appearance at Buzz Festival XII.

With words that can tap into a painful memory and leave an inspirational message at the same time, Eve 6's newest single "At Least We're Dreaming" was the best performed of their set that night.

The Young & The Hopeless World Tour

Verizon Wireless Theatre

The verdict: Three great bands/two crazy crowd surfers/one super-fun punk-rock night!

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