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Volume 69, Issue 57, Wednesday, November 12, 2003


Staff Editorial


                            Bridget Brown    Matthew Dulin 
Ray Hafner                  Geronimo Rodriguez                Lisa Street

Unfair treatment?

Under Bayou Oaks' attractive exterior, a conflict is rising between Green and non-Greek residents. Some people who aren't members of fraternities or sororities are finding it difficult to live in the housing complex with Greek residents because they say officials give students in sororities and fraternities special exemption from property rules.

After submitting several complaints about noise levels and alcohol use during late-night Greek parties, residents said officials took no action.

Why can't we all just get along?

It is absurd that noise complaints are not being handled in a proper manner. As soon as Bayou Oaks administrators receive complaints about disturbances of the peace, officers should be immediately dispatched to the rowdy residence to issue a warning. If the ruckus continues, officers should be less lenient on the partying residents.

And if, as non-Greek residents claim, Greeks are consuming alcohol publicly after 2:15 a.m., the legal cut-off, UH police need to handle the situation seriously -- particularly if students under 21 are drinking alcoholic beverages.

The non-Greek students say Bayou Oaks shows favoritism to the Greek organizations and that's why complaints go unattended. But all residents should respect the same community laws and standards, and Bayou Oaks staff members should enforce those regulations regardless of residents' organization or affiliation.

These are serious complaints, and they should be handled in a timely manner, no matter whom they involve. What kind of housing managers ignore conflicts between residents that may lead to those residents ultimately deciding to move?

There is no reason why Greek and non-Greek students can't live in harmony, or at least come to an agreement under which all residents would follow property rules and regulations. Students should respect others' right to study and get a decent night's sleep without being awakened by their neighbors' partying. That's reasonable.

The environment was at the center of this controversy. Rather than tackle the true source of the problem (the fact that Houston is a mecca for refineries), the TNRCC elected to solve our environmental woes by dropping the speed limit by 15 miles per hour. Send comments to


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