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Online summit set for Friday
On Friday students and faculty will be able to "MUVE" up in the educational and cultural field. That's MUVE, as in Multi-User Virtual Environment. 

Savvy groups persuade with lies 
The protest group that came and went Monday, advocating religious fervor and vehemently opposing abortion rights, is long gone. Soon it will leave most of our thoughts for good, with nothing remaining of its message. All UH students will remember is a momentary disruption in their lives as the group, Missionaries to the Preborn descended like a plague of annoying, loud-spoken locusts upon the campus without permission.

UH rebounds for elusive sixth victory 
That's more like it.
To say that any game is "a must-win game" is ridiculous, but the Cougars needed a win in the worst way Saturday. Starting the season 5-1 and eliciting dreams of glory from the Cougar faithful, UH fell back to reality with three consecutive losses.

Players have case of mistaken identity 
A few centuries before The Parent Trap and Bringing Down the House, and a couple centuries before Oscar Wilde's classic The Importance of Being Earnest, a young bard in England wrote a play early in his career that would become the precursor to scores and scores of landmark comedies over entertainment history.

Cougar Comics

Campus Spotlight

Volume 69, Issue 60, Monday, November 17, 2003


Online summit set for Friday

UH's future gets brighter with win 

Students experience UH college life

Dem. Rep. criticizes Bush


Savvy groups persuade with lies

Campus is only hearing one voice

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UH rebounds  for elusive sixth victory 

Cougars overwhelm Black Knights to gain bowl eligibility

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Players have case of mistaken identity

Crowe commands epic 'Far Side'

Lifeless Trick leaves fans bored, annoyed 

Yeahs' lack of presence a no, no, no

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