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Campus turns out to meet Gogue
With great strides and open ears, Jay Gogue spent his first official day as UH president and System chancellor mass communicating with the entire UH System community Tuesday.

Food and culture make life spicy
As a Pakistani, food at my house is usually filled with tons of spices, pepper and oil. Meat is fried, not baked, and each dish packs a powerful punch of tangy, mouth-watering flavor. No meal is light; a traditional breakfast boasts a fried tortilla or paratha and fried goat brains. Yummy!

Coogs look to mark territory in 'Big House'
Art Briles was all smiles at his weekly press luncheon, sitting in the middle of a crowd of reporters and three of his top players. After all, his team is coming off a 48-14 win over cross-town rival Rice in Briles' first game as a college head coach.

Set changes ruled last Ozzfest stop
WEST PALM BEACH, FL. -- Other than the rainy weather in usually bright and sunny Florida, the differences between the first Ozzfest show in San Antonio on June 28 and the last show of the tour on Thursday weren't obvious to the naked eye. 

Cougar Comics

Campus Spotlight

Volume 69, Issue 7, Wednesday, September 3, 2003


Campus turns out to meet Gogue

Provost to be named by at least summer

Environmentalist wants tougher rules

Espresso stand brews up caffeine fix at PGH Breezeway


Food and culture make life spicy

Printing policy is unfair to some

Affirmative Action is a justification for racism

Three ways to survive UH

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon


Coogs look to mark territory in 'Big House'

Kicker first female to score in Division 1A

Texans must rope six W's this season

Arts & Entertainment

Set changes ruled last Ozzfest stop

Clouseaux's lounge exotica is newcomer

Maturity is lacking in Eve 6's 'Head'

Hatetank presents hardcore band

Columnist wants to help those in need

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