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Super fans: A group of New England Patriot fans get closer than most to Super Bowl XXXVIII by watching the game outside Reliant Stadium on Sunday. The Patriots won their second championship in three years by defeating the Carolina Panthers 32-29 with an Adam Vinatieri 41-yard field goal.


Committee names 6th provost candidate
UH's provost search committee named Bernadette Gray-Little, executive associate provost at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, as its sixth candidate for academic leader of the University and the UH System on Friday.

Right and wrong often absolute
I've been told it's wrong to tell others they are wrong. (Consider that "logic" for only a moment, because your brain will probably revolt if you contemplate it for too long.) All humans are equal, my peers instruct me, so clearly, saying someone is wrong is saying that your opinion or belief is better than theirs, which cannot possibly be tolerant. But wait ? if I shouldn't be intolerant, it must be wrong to be intolerant, right? So, it's only right to tell someone they're wrong if they are being intolerant of others' beliefs, but any other opinions that could possibly be conceived are never wrong.

No bull: UH gets first road win
The Cougars played a complete game on both offensive and defensive sides of the ball en route to a 65-53 win over South Florida on Saturday, earning their first road win of the season.

Weekend releases offer little in quality
The 1980s are truly back. Male actors and rock stars alike are cutting their hair like the kids from Jaws 2, tight men's jeans are once again cutting off circulation all over America, and a breakdancing movie is the No.1 movie in the country. 

Cougar Comics

Campus Spotlight

Volume 69, Issue 81, Monday, February 2, 2004


Committee names 6th provost candidate

SFAC set to begin hearings next week

Fiesta organizers work for diversity

MyDoom worm is fastest spreading ever

Campus Crime Update


Right and wrong often absolute

Society offers shallow absolution

Culture's meant to be shared

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon


No bull: UH gets first road win

Harris leads UH to victory at USF

S&D falls to Arkansas

Cougars win, drive their fans crazy

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Weekend releases offer little in quality

Bash doesn't live up to hype

Sex workers speak against injustice

Toasters shake off ska's early demise

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