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Feature Photo
By Manuel Rearte /The Daily Cougar

Concentration: Biology senior Nichole Flanagan works on a 30-page research paper about the life of flies Tuesday evening at the Social Work Building's computer lab.


Louis stresses his support for faculty
UH provost candidate Charles Louis, the vice president for research at Georgia State University, repeatedly stated that faculty is the most important part of a university at an open forum Tuesday.

Female sexuality not shameful
I took my tongue piercing out after a week because at the time I was afraid of what people might think. I'll be honest, I was worried that everyone who saw the barbell in my mouth would assume that I participate in oral sex, and since I am female, assume I was a slut.

UH's first softball class, now seniors, prepares to lead Cougars to C-USA glory
In 2001, six players dug their cleats into the fresh soil of UH's new softball program. The wide-eyed freshmen planted the foundations of a squad that established its roots deep in the school and even deeper into the unity they share on and off the diamond. 

Morons rule even MTV2
You may think it takes a lot of time and effort for me to find something really infuriating. Well, turning on MTV2 and watching its preposterously named 22 Greatest show does the job all too well.

Cougar Comics

Campus Spotlight

Volume 69, Issue 88, Wednesday, February 11, 2004


Louis stresses his support for faculty

Spike Lee set to give lecture at University

New clinic focuses on mood disorders

Arrest made in UH student's murder

Scholar traces voice of women in history


Female sexuality not shameful

Shock politics serve little purpose

Morality should remain personal

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon


UH's first softball class, now seniors, prepares to lead Cougars to C-USA glory

In four years, Holis has brought UH softball sweet success

UH hopes Wave doesn't drown tourney hopes

Lady Cougars back in top 25

Arts & Entertainment

Morons rule even MTV2

Siren returns at top of musical form

New bands grew up watching Television

Sharp, dull cuts both found at 'Barbershop'

Emo began with 'Revenge Therapy'

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