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Volume 69, Issue 89, Thursday, February 12, 2004

Arts & Entertainment


Candle, small talk brighten La Carafe
Traffic seems incongruous splashing through the rain outside of downtown's La Carafe, a tiny, candlelit mainstay where the ancient brass cash register still rings up sales with a chiming bell. 

Duo works hard to build hip-hop
To many UH students, work is nothing more than a tedious relief from excitement useful only to pay for tuition and rent. While working for relatively small wages at retail stores, restaurants and offices, many would rather daydream about anything at all than to focus on their work. Such is not the case for UH graduate student in design, Task (Michael Hudson), and his friend and collaborator Evak (Flynn Donovan). To them, work is excitement -- it is what they daydream about. Work is the name of the pair's hip-hop project.

Japanese animation more than child's play
Anime is not taken seriously. This statement would not surprise most people who probably think, "So what?" 

'First Thursday, February 12, 2004s' scores again each day
Many people won't know what to think of 50 First Thursday, February 12, 2004s once they leave the theater. Most should realize they just watched a funny, sweet, highly enjoyable movie. However, that's not enough for some people. They'll compare it to Adam Sandler's earlier movies, such as Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore, which is unfair. Sandler is not the same person he was 10 years ago -- and it shows. 

Love story gets new tweaks
Anyone whose search for new music has led them to events held by the Pauline Oliveros Foundation, or has frequented openings at Fire Station #3 and been entertained by those irreverent players at Infernal Bridegroom Productions are aware of The Bilitis Songbook's arrival at DiverseWorks. With performances on Friday and Saturday night, The Bilitis Songbook is a collaboration of modern music by Eve Beglarian and Phil Kline. The evening promises to challenge accepted notions of musical form. Kline's claim to fame began in 1990 when he chained countless portable stereos together while providing the same input signal. The method was inspired by the loop and phasing techniques of soundscape pioneer Brian Eno and Robert Fripp's "Frippertronics."


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