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By Manuel Rearte /The Daily Cougar

School daze: Sophomore kinesiology major Rolaum Keith works on an argumentative essay about the efficiency of vouchers late Sunday night at the M.D. Anderson Memorial Library.


SFAC hearings begin with 8 presentations Representatives of the University Center and Associated Facilities made their request for $1.24 million in student fees during the first day of Student Fees Advisory Committee hearings Friday, saying their top priority is renovations at the UC.

Life meaningless without religion
I recently watched a strict vegetarian being interviewed. The vegetarian waxed long and eloquent about preserving life as the highest value, whether it be animal or human. He drew no line between human and animal life. He said it was all equally valuable.

Cougars should make a big climb after two big victories
What a Valentine's Day. The Lady Cougars were forced to spend the holiday on the road, but they book-ended Feb. 14 with two victories. The team may get a late present later this week when the new national rankings are released. 

'50 Monday, February 16, 2004s' turns top 10 upside-down
Happy Post-Valentine's Day! Yesterday was your chance to make up for all of last year's bone-headed mistakes by simply purchasing something shiny for your loved one, so you'd better have taken advantage of it. After all, the DeBeers family can't be expected to suppress market competition and enslave half of the Third World all by themselves, now can they? 

Cougar Comics

Campus Spotlight

Volume 69, Issue 91, Monday, February 16, 2004


SFAC hearings begin with 8 presentations

Athletics and other big-ticket groups will present requests during today's fee hearing

Campaigning barred at Senate's meetings

Fear is an obstacle to gay rights, attorney says


Life meaningless without religion

Bush gets undeserved media flak

A caffeine addict unburdens herself

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon


Cougars should make big climb after two victories

Rain can't dampen Cougars' shining start

Cougar offense is still MIA

Cougars impress despite 1-2 start

Arts & Entertainment

'50 Monday, February 16, 2004s' turns top 10 upside-down

Sevendust leads energetic show

Banner's follow-up full of hits and misses

See the house that Menil never built

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