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Volume 70, Issue 142, Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Life & Arts

Comeback Kid keeps up with Terror

By Jason Gagnon
The Daily Cougar

Local music fans were treated to one of the most energetic and fun hardcore shows to come to Houston in a long time Sunday night as Fat Cat's, 4216 Washington Ave., was filled with the youthful outpour of positive aggression, chaotic stage dives and, of course, killer music. 

Locals Die Young started things off with a tight and flawless performance as band members were crashing into each other all across the stage in a passionate frenzy. The crowd loved every minute of the set and often mobbed the stage desperately trying to steal the microphone from singer Daniel Truth.

Bassist Carl Schwartz and the rest of Terror tore through an explosive set Sunday at Fat Cat's, 4216 Washington Ave.

Anna Reyes/The Daily Cougar

Of course, there was a break in the good times when Sinai Beach took the stage. It is extremely difficult to figure out what this band was doing on a tour with Terror and Comeback Kid because they were so clearly out of their element and unimpressive to all. Hailing from Florida, the band offered up wretched jock-core mosh-metal crap that instantly killed the momentum of the show. Modern Life is War livened things up a little bit but the crowd was eagerly waiting to see Terror, possibly the biggest band in hardcore right now.

As soon as singer Scott Vogel jumped onto the stage the crowd went completely nuts and things only got more insane when the band launched into the title track from their recent album, One with the Underdogs. The band never let up for a minute, immediately moving into the crowd favorite 'What Have We Done' and impossibly enough, the fans continued to become more fanatic. There wasn't a time during Terror's set when there weren't at least five kids diving from the stage or people piling on top of one another just for the chance to scream their guts out into the mic. With two songs left in their set, Vogel said it was tough to play in front of Comeback Kid but in reality it was inconceivable to be able to top Terror's level of intensity and passion.

But Comeback Kid tried their hardest, delivering another great performance filled with tracks from their explosive new album Wake the Dead. Somehow the crowd found the energy to keep the wild fun going and this very exhausting sold-out show ended on a positive note with the crowd walking out the doors of Fat Cat's with Charlie Brown grins on their faces. 

Comeback Kid, Terror
@ Fat Cat's
Verdict: Even Sinai Beach could not kill the hardcore tsunami of Terror and Comeback Kid.

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