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Volume 70, Issue 43, Thursday, October 21, 2004


Teams get deadline deals

Pro Sports Fan

Arica Jefferson

Sunday will start week seven of the NFL season and there have been big things happening around the league. Players are coming out of retirement and there was a bit of player swapping this Tuesday.

Of course I have to start off with Ricky Williams. He's back, or at least trying to be. It was announced Monday that Williams and his attorney William David Cornwell will meet Thursday with the NFL Players Association in California to discuss Williams' immediate return to the Miami Dolphins. 

Williams left the Dolphins a day before training camp so he could travel abroad to places such as Australia and Asia with good friend Lenny Kravitz. I'm sure the fact that Williams was about to be suspended for four games for failing a third drug test for marijuana had nothing to do with it.

Not knowing how the whole situation is going to play out, the Dolphins players should be happy Williams wants to come back. With a 0-6 record, the worst in their 39-year history, the Dolphins need all the help they can get from where ever they can get it. 

Even if that means they have to allow their weed-smoking, anxiety disordered running back back on the team. Hey, he did carry the ball 3,225 yards and scored 25 touchdowns in the two years he was with Miami. Hard decision.

Earlier this week, there were trade decisions made that didn't seem very hard at all for players, coaches, or owners for that matter. Tuesday was the first time NFL players have been traded at the trading deadline since 1999, and oddly enough all trades involved receivers.

Jerry Rice, 42, got his wish when he asked to be traded from the Oakland Raiders (2-4) when his role and minutes were reduced on the team. Rice will now play for the Seattle Seahawks (3-2) under once-offensive coordinator for the San Francisco 49ers, Mike Holmgren. 

Rice was traded for a seventh round draft pick. 

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-5) and the San Diego Chargers (3-3) also partook of the trade festivities. The Chargers picked up Keenan McCardell from the Bucs for third and sixth round picks next season, according to the Houston Chronicle. 

The last trade that took place on Tuesday was a person-for-person swap. The Cleveland Browns (3-3) released Quincy Morgan to gain Dallas' (2-3) Antonio Bryant due to both players complaining about lack of playing time. Apparently Bill Parcells and Bryant hadn't been seeing eye-to-eye since a June incident in which Bryant threw a sweaty jersey in Parcells' face. 

This week Texan fans get a break and a chance to fully concentrate on the Astros because of a bye-week. Head coach Dom Capers gave the team a three-day weekend before starting their off week because of the 20-10 victory over the Tennessee Titans (2-4). The Texans are now 3-3 and will meet up with the Jacksonville Jaguars (4-2) in week eight. Last year at their open date, the Texans were 2-2 and then lost to the Titans the following week and were 3-9 the rest of the season. 

Maybe this year the Texans can break the end-of-season pattern.

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