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Volume 70, Issue 60, Monday, November 15, 2004


Isn't freedom in the world worth the fight?

Bonnie Altman
Opinion Columnist

The statement "Wrong war at the wrong time" sounds similar to the philosophy "All war is all bad all the time." This is a false premise our liberal leaders would have us swallow like a cyanide pill. Such philosophy allows for the existence of the bloodiest dictatorships (read: Saddam Hussein's rule over Iraq) and blames victims who would dare stand up for themselves in self-defense, like the Jews of the Warsaw ghetto.

The foremost proponents of such liberal philosophies are the current anti-Semites who like to call themselves anti-Zionists. They like to ignore that if the "Zionist entity" Israel fails to stick up for itself in self-defensive wars against terrorists, the majority of people who will be killed will be Jewish. It's a little detail these opponents of war like to ignore. They also like to ignore that suicide bombers usually take others with them and maim countless innocents. Or is the only innocent Jew the one who lies in a mound of nameless bodies after undergoing the torture of a gas chamber?

Shall we all surrender America to the British and declare ourselves the 50 colonies? Relinquish Florida to the Spaniards and accept a refund for the Louisiana Purchase?

The United States of America was founded upon the premise that freedom is worth fighting for, and that liberty comes at a cost we are willing to bear. The Constitution states that we have the privilege and fundamental right to protect our freedom at all costs and the right to bear arms in order to protect our freedoms.

America has not given the world the right to abridge our freedoms in the 21st century. Did we not fight ardently to free ourselves from the despots of Europe in the 18th century? How have they changed if they are still demanding our credence to their corrupt values as they continually demand we give up our American freedoms?

And yet there are professors even on our own campus who teach the nauseating liberal vitriol as if it were the Gospel for the new ages. Their teachings are repugnant and offend a large portion of us students.

Americans answered with a resounding "No!" on Nov. 2 to the suicidal ideal. The American dream is still alive, and the majority of us still cherish the enduring Constitution of our United States of America -- our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. God help us if ever we should vote differently.

Altman, a columnist for The Daily Cougar, 
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