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Volume 70, Issue 71, Friday, December 3, 2004


Letters to the Editor

Some gratuity for column

To the editor:

The article "Dining out should be enjoyable for everyone," (Opinion, Monday) was very well written. I'm sure hundreds of UH students who wait tables appreciated your voice even more than I did. 

There is no doubt that you've also improved the outlook for quite a few waiters that are supporting more than themselves and an education. Thanks on behalf of my many friends who got through school as waiters, as well.

Resham Arora
recruiting assistant, University Career Services

Complaints only way to combat fees

To the editor:

In response to the Thursday opinion column, "Residency policy to blame for high prices," -- in the real world, the gouging continues.

Look at any utility bill, or cell phone bill -- they justify all the fees by placing blame on governmental fees. If you own property, the taxman will try to get every nickel he can.

The city of Houston is really bad. After finishing at municipal court you walk outside and now you have a parking ticket.

All we can do is complain. There's no other recourse.

Mike Rodriguez
1983 alumnus

Clarifying Cullen Oaks expansion

To the editor:

I want to thank The Daily Cougar for continuing to show interest in our plans to expand housing on the campus. I do, however, need to correct a couple of statements contained in Thursday's Page 1 article, "Cullen Oaks is set to expand."

First, the expanded project will not have two parking decks. We are proposing one parking deck on the north end of Cullen Oaks that will be two levels high. 

The second correction has to do with how future projects will be financed. The article stated that I am not an advocate of any additional private/public partnerships beyond the proposed Cullen Oaks Expansion. What I tried to convey at the SGA meeting is that no decision has been made about how we will finance future expansions. There are pros and cons to the various development methods and several University officials are involved in those decisions whenever a project is being considered. We should not assume that the next project will be financed in any particular way at this point.

Elwyn C. Lee
vice president for student affairs

A good story

To the editor:

I think that The Daily Cougar did a swell job with the Thursday Page 1 story, "UH student looking to spread Hope across the country," which talked about junior finance major Seth Ford, who is raising money for PUSH America. His exploits are noteworthy.

I had never heard of the CHARGE syndrome, and I hope he does well in raising money for the cause.

I also have worked to raise money for the disabled with the Houston Challengers. Staff and faculty have helped raise money for the Challengers, who won the national championship last season and plan to compete in the National Indoor Wheelchair Soccer Championship in Atlanta next year. The Challengers wish to thank all the faculty and staff who helped out.

Jacob Klementich
kinesiology, post-baccalaureate 

Letters Policy

Letters to the editor are welcome from all members of the UH community and should focus on issues, not personalities. Letters must be typed and must include the author's name, telephone number and affiliation with the University. Anonymous letters will not be published. Letters are subject to editing for clarity, language and space. Letters may be delivered in person to Room 151, Communication; e-mailed to ; or faxed to (713) 743-5384.

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