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By Kristen Ortwerth/The Daily Cougar

Giving: Computer engineering technology junior Amado Gracia studies for his comparative politics class as he donates blood on campus Monday. "I like giving something back to the community somehow, some way," Gracia said.


Increase in Bush's proposal minimal
In an attempt to ease rising college tuition, President George W. Bush has proposed raising Pell Grants by $500 over five years -- but that increase may not help students much, a UH official said.

Houston sweats global warming
To most Americans, global warming is the stuff of movies, nothing more. Nowhere else has this ideology rooted itself more firmly than Houston, where oil is king.

Cougars topple trio of Texas opponents
The UH tennis team had a Texas showdown over the weekend as they faced off against Texas Tech, Texas State and Prarie View A&M at home.

Coltrane's essence rides on 'Blue Train'
If there were a musical sainthood, John Coltrane would be first in line for canonization. He approached his art with a scholar's devotion and an unwavering desire to innovate, and the goal was not material success, but enlightenment. 

Cougar Comics

Campus Spotlight

Volume 70, Issue 92, Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Increase in Bush's proposal minimal

Alumni add gay flair to the air

Board to see new admissions policy

UH student sets sights on presidency


Houston sweats global warming

An open mind cures Francophobia

Letters to the Editor

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon


Cougars topple trio of Texas opponents

Postseason hopes?

Coogs show they can play tough

Life & Arts

Coltrane's essence rides on 'Blue Train'

Mediocrity is healed in time with 'Scar'

Girls can be guide to good music, if not love

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