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Volume 71, Issue 149, Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Life & Arts

Low Ends ready for big breakout

Super Happy Fun Land features area hip-hop group on Wednesday 


In order to become a success in something, you must totally immerse yourself into that thing: You must live, eat and breathe it. For example, if you want to be great in sports then you must dedicate your life to training. More importantly, you have to have a great love for something before you become involved in it. And Anthony Obi has always had that. 

Among other things, Obi is a lover of music. The Houston native, who begins his first semester as at the University of St. Thomas this fall, has always been a huge music fan. But it wasn' until recently that he decided to pursue a career in that field. 

Obi is the front man for The Low Ends, an up-and-coming Houston hip-hop group, and goes by the name "Fat Tony" when he is rocking the mic. 

Obi has always had a love for all kinds of music well before deciding to make music, which has in turn influenced his band's sound. 

"Most of our influence comes from the hip-hop music we grew up listening to °™ like Jay-Z, A Tribe Called Quest, OutKast and Nas °™ but we are also influenced by artists from other genres, like Prince and The Ramones," Obi said.

This makes the group have a balanced sound, which makes them unique compared to your typical new group. 

"We don' fit into a certain category of rap, like back-packer, or mainstream. We love all types of rap, which shows through our music, and brings a positive vibe while also being fun and creative," Obi said. "Our music has elements that anyone can appreciate."

In today°Øs climate of music, it°Øs good to see a group like The Low Ends making original music while many others imitate whatever is popular instead of striving for originality. 

Along with Fat Tony, Prophetik (aka Robert Foster) and Tron (aka Roman Perez) are members of The Low Ends. Tron is the person behind the boards handling production duties, while Fat Tony and Prophetik are the ones on the microphone. 

This group's setup is reminiscent of Little Brother, the repeatedly underrated trio comprised of two MCs and a producer, who are another influence to The Low Ends. 

The Low Ends have already completed songs for their mixtape, Dangerous Verbalists Volume 1, as well as their album, tentatively titled Deep in the Heart. 

Meanwhile, fans who want to see a refreshing, unique rap group live before they blow up can check out a performance at 8 p.m. Wednesday at Super Happy Fun Land, 2610 Ashland St., where Obi promises that it will be a show fans won't want to miss. CDs will be on sale. 

For more information on The Low Ends visit

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