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Volume 71, Issue 61, Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Staff Editorial


                 Matt Dulin                         Lourdes Castillo      James Davis
                Tina Marie Macias          Dusti Rhodes            Blake Whitaker

Before stuffing turkey, your face, give thanks

That national holiday of giving thanks, or rather, engorging ourselves with foodstuffs, is upon us. The holiday means something different for everyone, and we all have our various reasons to be grateful. Here are a few reasons we agree are worth celebrating.

We're thankful we were spared by Rita. The Category-5 monstrosity, now a distant memory, didn't sucker punch the Gulf Coast, at least not as badly as some had feared. We're also thankful that we were spared so we could give as much assistance as possible to the victims of Katrina and other storms. The tragedy we saw in New Orleans reminded us all how much we can really take for granted.

We're thankful for family. As students, many of us depend a lot on our families for a variety of necessities, most notably love and support. But also working at The Daily Cougar isn't exactly conducive to a healthy family relationship. We're just glad our families haven't completely abandoned us. Mom, Dad: We'll be home soon.

We're thankful for our troops. With or without a well-articulated strategy, much less public or political support, these men and women face the ultimate risk every day. We hope our political and military leaders can come together and tell the American people exactly when our sons and daughters will be coming home. The holidays won't be the same without them.

We're thankful we beat Rice. OK, maybe we're jumping the gun here, especially after the football team's foul-up against SMU. But really, we'd all really be thankful for a real holiday treat -- a nice Cougar thrashing of those pesky Rice Owls.

During the break, take some time to think about the things you're thankful for and try to show it. Only then will you earn the right to eat for 24 hours straight.

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