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Volume 71, Issue 77, Friday, January 27, 2006


Monday last day for drop refunds

The Daily Cougar

The last day to drop classes and receive a full refund is Monday. Students can drop classes by logging onto UH Enrollment Services Online. 

Monday is also the deadline to drop a class without the hours counting toward the new enrollment cap for Texas residents. The cap will be implemented in Fall 2006.

Under the in-state tuition cap, current students cannot take more than 45 hours more than what is required to receive their degree. For incoming freshman, the cap is set at 30 hours. Students who take more than permitted by the guidelines will be required to pay out-of-state tuition for the extra hours taken.

Students can drop classes until Feb. 14 without receiving a grade. Students must have a signed add/drop form from the instructor and it should be turned into an adviser of the department or to the registrar's office, Andy Little, an adviser in the political science department, said. 

The last day to drop a class for the semester is April 4. Dropping classes at this time will result in a grade of either a "W" or an "F." Students can also apply for a "Q" grade, which won't count as an "F" for grade-point average purposes, Little said. April 4 is the last day to apply for a "Q" grade.

Little said students need to know when all the add/drop deadlines are. He also said the first two weeks of the semester are busiest for advisers and that students should keep in contact with them as best they can.

Students have until Monday to add a course, but only if they have a teacher's signature. Different add forms are required to add classes from different departments in order to prevent some of them from being lost in the administrative process, Little said.

Business junior Sajid Ladhani said he is dealing with the administrative process while adding classes.

"I dropped all my classes on accident," Ladhani said. "I had to get (the add form) signed by all of my teachers in different departments. It's a hassle." 

Reasons to drop classes vary from scheduling conflicts to unexpected workloads students would rather not deal with.

"(Students) get into a class not expecting it to be that difficult," Rose Vargas, an accounting junior, said. "Some people just can't take it all in."

The last day to apply for Spring 2006 graduation is Feb. 10.

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