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Volume 72, Issue 106, Tuesday, March 6, 2007


PC name changes unfair to Christians

Editor's note: We would like to reiterate that this column, as with all opinion columns, in no way represents the views of The Daily Cougar staff. 

Andrea Creath
Guest Columnist

In 1999, The University of Houston Faculty Senate held its Ninth Annual Easter Egg Hunt. 

In 2000, the 10th Annual (non-denominational) Egg Hunt was held. 

In April 2001, the UH Staff Council and Faculty Senate held the 11th Annual Easter Egg Hunt. 

Publicity archived on the UH server includes no less than four separate items on the popular event.

In 2003, the Faculty Senate minutely mentioned the event as the "annual egg hunt," but on the Staff Council 2003-2004 accomplishments Web page, the list of accomplishments includes the hosting of the Annual Easter Egg Hunt, where members "entertained over 400 staff and faculty children with the Easter Egg Hunt, an Easter basket decorating contest (and) Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny."

On Aug. 26, 2006, the Residence Halls Association presented "The last thing you'd expect in August -- an Easter egg hunt, with prizes ranging from DVDs to a fridge."

The current UH Staff Council Web site announces the 17th Annual Egg Hunt. Fliers posted on bulletin boards around campus advertise the 17th Annual Spring Egg Hunt. Included in the festivities will be a "visit from Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit."

The politically correct, who have been at war with Christmas, are now going after Easter.

It is an Easter egg. The rabbit associated with the holiday is the Easter Bunny. 

They are not "spring eggs" and his name is not "Mr. Rabbit."

Apparently, people of other faiths don't get to have the same kind of fun as people who celebrate Christian holidays. 

They don't have Santa Claus, Christmas trees and Christmas concerts and don't get to decorate Easter eggs or have Easter baskets filled with chocolate Easter bunnies.

Others' jealousy of the fun pastimes that people of the Christian faith traditionally enjoy means that rather than joining in on the fun, said fun pastimes must be renamed so that they are inclusive to people of other faiths. 

Christians don't try to rename Ramadan or rename a dreidel a "holiday top." 

If one wants to be included in a Christian holiday or tradition, please feel free to join us -- we'd love to have you. But don't rename it to make it fit an opinion of the Christian faith.

This politically correct trick of changing any event tagged with a Christian holiday name discriminates against Christians. Those who complain about this name switch are generally met with the response, "If you don't like it, hold a boycott. Don't participate, just don't go." 

It's happened when the Christmas tree lighting was replaced by the "holiday tree lighting." "Holiday programs" replaced Christmas concerts. Christmas vacation was changed to "holiday break," and Christmas sales were renamed "holiday sales." 

We are told if we don't like a store's policy, we shouldn't shop there. So to stand up for our traditions, we have to miss out on them. It's not fair, and it is insulting.

Meanwhile, I won't be donating eggs or candy to the UH Staff Council to support this year's Spring Egg Hunt. If this name switch of one of UH's traditions bugs you as much as it bugs me, please take the time now to do something about it. Make your feelings known by writing Debra Frazier, Staff Council events chair, at 

Maybe next year UH will once again have an Easter Egg Hunt. The Easter Bunny will show up, and so will I.

Creath, a staff member in the Department of Biology and Biochemistry, 
can be reached via

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