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Volume 72, Issue 28, Thursday, September 28, 2006


Craig, SGA discuss textbook resolution

by Cynthia Brum
The Daily Cougar

Faculty Senate President Steven Craig encouraged the SGA Senate to work for a textbook resolution at Wednesday's meeting.

Craig, an economics professor, addressed the SGA Senate on the standing of the resolution regarding timely textbook orders from professors.

"We really are pretty sympathetic to your views, and we appreciate you guys raising it as a problem because your efforts, or those efforts or your leadership, are focusing attention on it," Craig said.

While there are differences between the SGA and the Faculty Senate on the means to get faculty members to turn in book orders on time, there was an agreement that there is a problem and something needs to be done about it.

After the Aug. 30 Faculty Senate meeting, Craig sent out an e-mail to faculty members and encouraged them to get their orders in on time.

Concern was raised by the SGA as to whether e-mail is an effective tool.

Craig said there are many more issues that go into affordable textbooks, and while getting professors to get their orders in on time is useful, other means of controlling prices could be addressed, like the issue of having only one bookstore on campus.

"Should there be one bookstore, or two or three on campus?" Craig said.

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Sen. Samuel Dike said the SGA does not want to constrain the faculty to a policy, but would like to see a resolution that will get books to the bookstore on time.

"We're not trying to limit you guys or bind you by some policy. Just turn it in to save the students some money," Dike said.

If a resolution cannot be reached between the SGA and the Faculty Senate, the next step would be to go to the department chairs, but SGA Vice President David Rosen hopes to see a resolution from the Faculty Senate before such measures are necessary.

"Fewer than 40 percent of the professors on this campus turned in the books last year when the bookstore wanted them to. Could you imagine what would happen to us if we turned in our homework 40 percent of the time?" Rosen said.

Rosen added that the faculty stalling on this issue is not going to fix the problem.

Emmanuel Ojobaro, SGA director of finance, wants to see the SGA and the Faculty Senate come to an agreement before the spring.

Craig ended by thanking the SGA for letting him address the SGA Senate.

"Let me just say, the faculty is so on your side," Craig said.

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