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Bush looks for allies on Democratic side of aisle
After tipping his hat to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, President Bush used his seventh State of the Union address to look for a path to bipartisanship, not only on domestic matters, but also on the contentious question of how to handle Iraq -- clearly the key to restoring the public's confidence in his presidency.

There is no shortage 
of willing soldiers
With President Bush's recent announcement that we will deploy 21,000 additional troops into Iraq and make other changes to our wartime strategy, the question on the minds of university students is whether the draft will be brought back.

Cougars look to revive 
home-court magic
To the untrained eye, UH head coach Tom Penders' defense may seem like a straight-up, high-pressure, man-to-man scheme, but it actually requires all defenders on the floor to have the awareness to switch assignments at a moment's notice and accurately rotate to prevent easy layups or open jump shots, as well as the ability to jump gaps.

Look for eclectic combos this year
Q-Tip, a veteran artist who has been making music for almost two decades, is working on a new album titled The Rennaisance.

Cougar Comics

Volume 72, Issue 77, Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Bush looks for allies on Democratic side of aisle

Nearly four years after U.S. invasion of Iraq, public support for mission is on the decline

Buildings get needed updates


There is no shortage of willing soldiers

Residence halls aren't what they used to be

Enjoying alcohol doesn't make you an alcoholic

Students have lost sight of education

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon


Cougars look to revive home-court magic

Houston slipping in conference, set for four-game home stand

Colts dump playoff burden

Life & Arts

Look for eclectic combos this year

Prof delves into famed composer's life

Musician marches to his own rhythm

Cafe Piquet leaves patrons with satisfaction, not indigestion

Mixtape DJs feel government squeeze

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