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Volume 4, Issue 2                                    University of Houston

Advertising revenue increases; 
Sarelli prepares for spring semester

Breaking News Staff

In the final Student Publications Committee meeting of the semester, SP Director Dick Cigler said the student advertising representatives' diligent work has helped to increase the department's sales from last fall semester by $50,000.

During the meeting, held Dec. 12 at the University Center's Bluebonnet Room, Cigler said advertising sales, consisting of campus, local retail and national, has increased to $275,000 from $225,000.

Jim McCormick/Breaking News

While Houstonian Editor in Chief Ashley Grubbs, left and Student Publications Director Dick Cigler, right, look on, Daily Cougar representative Geronimo Rodriguez gives the Student Publications Committee a briefing on the Editorial department's progress during the Dec. 12 meeting.


Twenty-four percent of The Daily Cougar's budget came from student service fees this year. The publication relies more heavily on advertising sales.

Along with the production representative, Kelly Truitt, The Daily Cougar's editorial representative, Geronimo Rodriguez, said the newspaper just wrapped up the last fall issue and was gearing up for the publication's winter online version, Breaking News.

Rodriguez said the fourth edition of Breaking News, which runs every Wednesday during the winter break except for the coming Christmas holiday, can be accessed through The Daily Cougar's Web site.

Rodriguez also said Daily Cougar editor in chief Cara Sarelli is using the break to build a solid staff for the coming Spring 2003 semester, accepting applications for all positions.

As for the Houstonian, Ashley Grubbs, editor in chief of the UH yearbook, said the department is preparing to meet its first deadline, "making it quite a busy weekend."

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