Hollywood comes to Houston over the break

Michelle Norton

Staff Writer

During spring break almost all students will leave the University of Houston campus. Some will go home to Mom and Dad. Others will swim in the beautiful water of Crystal Beach or take a road trip with friends.

However, some students will remain stranded at the dorms or in town due to insufficient funds.

While many may choose to pass the time working the daily grind from nine to five or catching up on homework, a more appealing option may be becoming a movie extra or game show contestant as UH goes Hollywood.

The UH campus was chosen as one of the Houston locations for shooting an upcoming movie starring Jeff Bridges, Tim Robbins and Joan Cusack. Selected for its aesthetic appeal and our Texas climate, UH was chosen because it is conducive to winter shoots. While the film will portray UH as a university in Virginia, it will be thanked in the movie's credits.

Entitled Arlington Road, the movie is about a widowed professor (Bridges) who is befriended by his two new neighbors (Robbins and Cusack.)

All is not well, though, as the professor and his son soon find themselves in a life-threatening mystery.

While some of the filming already took place at the University Center this past weekend, the majority of the shoot will be held between March 13 and March 22 at Agnes Arnold Hall and Technology One.

Some 25 theater students have an opportunity to volunteer as extras. The production company, Arlington Road Production, will make a monetary donation to the school based on its participation.

Following spring break, students will have the chance strut their stuff on the set of Baywatch.

Sponsored by the Student Program Board, the 1998 Baywatch Search is looking for 50 men and women who have "a healthy mind and body with a love for the environment, a dedication to giving back to the community and the determination to succeed in all things." Scouting 25 universities, the search is looking for one man and one woman from each campus. Winners will be sent on an all expense paid flight to Hollywood.

The search will come to UH on March 26 in the Houston Room at the UC from noon to 5 p.m. Modeling the search after MTV's Singled-Out, the contestants will be chosen in part because of their personalities.

For students who seek intellectual stimulation, Wheel of Fortune, will be looking for contestants at UH the following week. Spanning a three week period, the "Wheel Mobile" will be visiting various universities throughout the Houston area.

On March 30 it will come to UH from 10-11 am. The first 200 students in line will have a chance to spin the wheel and win prizes. These same students will also have the chance to be selected to fill out an application to audition as a contestant.

Once a contestant, the student will be take part in the Wheel of Fortune College Week. All five shows will be taped April 26 at the George R. Brown Convention Center downtown.

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