Zombie Records is A Go-Go with groovin' pair of surf-rock releases

Chris Stelmak

Staff Writer



Zombie A Go-Go Records is a go. Rob Zombie, frontman of the sample-filled demon rock band White Zombie, has finally created a label to call his own.

One might expect gut-wrenching, 'nad-busting rock from bands with Rob Zombie at the helm. However, Zombie deserves a little more credit than that.

The label concentrates on surf bands and has recently broken the wine bottle with two new outfits: The Bomboras and The Ghastly Ones. Both have a fairly interesting take on the surf music style.

While surf music is definitely not popular among the masses, The Bomboras and The Ghastly Ones are making an attempt to harness the parts that are more appreciated by the younger generations.

The Ghastly Ones explore the dark side of the surf style. Well, at least as dark as surf music can get. The band would be perfect for the soundtrack of a Frankie Avalon movie taking place around Halloween.

The guitar- and bass-dominated music has a hollow sound to it. The quick, yet smooth, flow of the music works well and is relaxing while still enjoyable to listen to on its own.

The trouble with surf music is keeping it original so the songs do not blend together. The Ghastly Ones do a fairly good job of mixing it up.

The album does not seem to get old quickly. This could be due to the fact that most of the tunes are around three minutes or less, causing the album to be rather short.

The Bomboras take a more up-beat, up-tempo and lighter look at the surf scene with their album Head Shrinkin' Fun. The band dishes out a bit more reverb as well as some fast-paced guitar strumming.

The quick tempo of The Bomboras causes it to be not quite as relaxing as The Ghastly Ones. The Bomboras' album is better suited for those nutty beach parties with that quick booty shakin' boogeying thing goin' on. While the band does have its softer tracks, they are in the minority.

The Bomboras also have a fuller sound than The Ghastly Ones. The Bomboras use more sampling, keyboards and a larger variety of percussion. This helps keep up the variety in the band's style.

The Bomboras retain an edge using a very fast-paced fuzzed sound with a little more variety that just makes people want to dance.

The Ghastly Ones, on the other hand, reveal the darkness of the world through surf music. And having Rob Zombie behind your band could not hurt, either.

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