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Kenneth Starr, eat your heart out

Things don't add up in the investigation of General Counsel Dennis Duffy's alleged discriminatory and hostile actions toward his office staff.

The accusations came from three women who worked under Duffy, and an investigation by an outside lawyer not only found that some of the claims were substantiated, but that Duffy's office suffered from low morale.

But the University of Houston administration, apparently unhappy with the lawyer's report, formed a three-member panel of administrators to re-investigate the claims.

Not surprisingly, the panel found none of the allegations to be substantiated and slapped Duffy with a stiff management-training session, which should be a lesson to abusive employers everywhere.

No matter what the university panel decided, the initial investigation - if its veracity is to be trusted - should be considered more carefully, especially in light of the fact that Duffy was recently appointed to a federal post and will soon choose the new director of the UH affirmative action office.

Whether or not Duffy actually discriminated based on gender and age, it seems clear from reports that his management style needs to be changed, and perhaps training will do that.

But if Duffy really is the sort of person who reportedly referred to a female administrator as an "uppity woman," he hardly seems qualified to choose the director of affirmative action.

A position in which one is required to be open-minded should not be filled by someone as apparently closed-minded as Dennis Duffy.

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