A few facts left behind

I was gratified to see Daily Cougar recognition of achievement by Narinder Narula on your front page Monday. I was dismayed, however, by omission of all details as to Narula's affiliations within UH. I should have thought that at least some - if not all - of the following items should have been included in the article:

The department (Electrical and Computer Engineering) in which he is working for his degree.

Identity and nature of the degree he is pursuing (master of Electrical Engineering with specialization in telecommunications, a new program as of last year).

Context of the investigations that led to his paper (work performed for Information Technology, a non-academic department responsible for all telecommunications on the UH-System campuses).

Supervisor for this paper (Dr. Fred Zellner, an electrical engineer who works in Information Technology).

It's certainly appropriate for an on-campus student newspaper to give major emphasis to the students themselves, and their achievements. But with no information as to their on-campus affiliations, they essentially lose some degree of identity - or, in a way, of personalization. Why are they here? What are they doing? In short: Who are they?

W. L. Anderson, professor and chair,

electrical and computer engineering.

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