Fraternity members party sans sauce

Austin Tice

Staff Writer

Fraternity members gathered Oct. 21 to party, mingle and drink. But this wasn't a typical fraternity bash.

Mocktails, the Interfraternity Council's annual non-alcoholic mixed drink contest, attracted more than 300 people, the best turnout so far in its three-year history.

This year's theme was "Mocktails Across Texas." Fraternities set up booths with Texan themes to showcase their drinks.

Judges rated booths on creativity, style, and best drink. The winners received trophies.

"We are really trying to emphasize alcohol awareness among the fraternities," said IFC Adviser Doug Miller. "Especially because of all the negative publicity that fraternities have been receiving recently nationwide, we feel this is very important," he said.

After the judging, a presentation of the Alcohol 101 computer program took place. The program simulates a person's reaction to different levels of alcohol by placing users in a virtual party environment.

The evening ended on a somber note, with a guest speaker telling of her personal experience with alcohol abuse. The speaker's husband died in an accident caused by a drunk driver.

"We wanted everyone to have fun, but to realize this is serious," Miller said. The IFC sponsored the Mocktails event in observance of National Alcohol Awareness Week. The IFC focuses on educating the Greek community on fraternity-related issues such as hazing.

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