Vote your conscience - don't vote Bob

Jesse Handy

City politics bore me. That's not to say I don't care who's mayor or on city council, but elections tend to be really dull. I vote religiously but, to me, all campaign commercials look alike, and the sound bytes all seem identical.

"Schmukatelli ... leadership for the future -" CLICK

"Vote for Joe Blow ... for a brighter tomorrow." - CLICK

"When tomorrow comes, you'll be glad you voted for Joe S.T. Ragman ..."

I don't advocate voter apathy. We should all get out and exercise our right to vote. My purpose isn't to turn you off from voting, or to endorse a particular candidate. But let's take a look at our candidates, shall we?

Gracie Saenz, from what I've seen, has a great deal of integrity and cares not only for her city council district, but for the city as a whole. She hasn't, however, been on city council long, which may hurt her with some voters.

Lee Brown. Brown was our police chief, the police chief in New York City and Drug Czar in the Clinton Administration. What could hurt him? Unfortunately, Texas is a Republican stronghold, and close ties to Clinton may hurt him with the conservative crowd.

Now, let's take a look at Robert Mosbacher, Junior, or, as I like to call him, Bob.

Though this is a non-partisan election, we all know Bob is a die-hard Republican. Bob, much like Democrat Bob Kruger, is one of those guys who runs for an office each time there's an election, but never seems to win.

Mosbacher has seemingly run for every office in the state of Texas and been bitterly defeated each time. He is the kind of guy who could move to a small town, run for dog catcher and still lose to a lovable cocker spaniel.

Mosbacher is one of the top honchos at Rice and, prior to that, was a cabinet member in the Bush Administration.

I'm sorry, but I refuse to vote for a guy who Bush thought so little of as to put him in a position under Dan Quayle!

Mosbacher's wife Georgette wrote a book in which she trashed most feminists as whiners and outlined her secrets to success. Strangely, nowhere in the book did she mention that the true secret of her success was to find a wealthy, third-rate, un-electable political wanna-be and watch the money roll in.

Am I unfair to Mosbacher? Yes, but life's not fair, so why should I be?

The only official positions he's held have been the result of political connections. Mosbacher tries to come across as a likable man of the people, but he isn't even close.

Unfortunaely for Bob, mayor of Houston isn't an office Gov. Bush can grant him. Let's hope that our city's highest elected office is taken seriously enough that Houstonians will show up simply to ensure that the first election that Mosbacher wins won't give him power over our daily lives and something to put on his résumé.

I've lived in this city for most of my life, and I care who's mayor. The mayor of our city is our national representative. How would we look if we elected a man who clearly has no interest in city politics and is running in the transparent hopes of seeking higher office?

Past career politicians we elected at least limited themselves to city politics. Mosbacher seems to be a reprobate politician just looking for an easy election.

He is, however, a gleaming example to our youth, not for any particular virtue he exudes, but simply because he embodies the cliché "It's not what you know, it's who you know."

Handy is a senior RTV major

who isn't a Mosbacher backer.

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