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We're not lizards!

We're all busy studying for midterm exams. Some of us do it at our parents' homes out in the suburbs; some of us in hip Inner Loop apartments; some of us in on-campus dorm rooms; and others of us in ... lounges?

Yes, lounges, complete with multiple beds, windows covered in newspaper and no phones.

Lounge living is a situation some 150 Moody Towers residents found themselves in at the beginning of this semester, but apparently, even in the semester's 10th week, some students still have not been assigned standard dorm rooms.

According to Residential Life and Housing officials, the decidedly unsophisticated lounge life was the result of the university's allowing everyone who applied to live in the Towers to move in, whether or not vacant rooms existed for them.

It's a generous gesture, to be sure: No one would be denied a room due to those who decide they want to move out, drop out or flunk out, leaving empty rooms with no residents to fill them.

But the Towers lounge residents are an example of how generosity can wind up hurting some residents. True, they were warned of this potential situation when they applied to live in the complex, and some students have nowhere else to live.

Perhaps, then, it is time to consider building new campus housing. Though the demand for housing has not severely exceeded the amount of available space, it seems something should be done to prevent paying residents from having to adjust to living conditions which compromise their privacy and comfort.

In the meantime, RLH is taking a step in the right direction by planning to compensate those students still living in lounges with a price cut.

Until a more permanent solution to the problem can be identified, it's good to see that at least one department at the University of Houston is actually showing an interest in customer service.

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