This sounds awfully familiar ...

Who else out there is sick of hearing journalists whine about what a bad rep they have? In every classroom, one can find the lonely, opinionated journalist who breaks down and asks, "Why won't the mothers of America trust us to write worthy news articles? Does everyone know what backstabbing, former high school yearbook staff loners we are?"

No need for you journalist punks to ask that any more after Thursday's Staff Editorial. You can quit that whining - the answer is yes. We all know you guys are idiots.

All right, maybe all journalists are not hooligans. There have to be some decent participants who join the press for the sake of their résumés rather than for a life or friends, so why don't the "good ones" step out of hiding, remove the stereotypical goggles (or whatever is blinding them) from their eyes and take control of the masses?

Hey, you know, there seems to be a reason why journalists are called "mudslingers" instead of "actual news reporters."

Logan Coker

junior, HRM

"Be kind to Greeks week" continues

This is in response to the negative coverage of the fraternity skirmish at Midnight Madness. I think all Greeks would agree that what occurred was embarrassing, but I am disappointed in the coverage of Greek life. The reporting The Daily Cougar does on the Greeks has no journalistic value.

Reporters, editors, cartoonists and photographers seem to wait around for something negative to occur. They do not bother to cover events such as "Frighternity Mansion" (sponsored by Alpha Chi and Sigma Phi Epsilon) or Phi Kap 500, which raise money for various charity organizations.

All I ask is that some of the Cougar staff try to be less closed-minded and use the time they spend waiting for the bad to occur to learn their subject so they can cover it completely, without bias. After all, that is the point of journalism.

Christina Brouillard

junior, communication

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