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Wednesday, October 21, 1998
Houston, Texas
Volume 64, Issue 42

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Injuries aside, Cougars look to return to winning ways


Mark Mayorga

For a team that has given the training staff all they can handle throughout the 1998 season, a week off from action couldnit have come at a better time for the cougars.

"The kids needed a break. They've fought through a hard six games," head coach Kim Helton said. "They've gotten beaten up and banged up, so it was good to be off to get some players back.

"We were not good a team against Army as we were the first five football games. WW weren't as good against Tennessee because of the injuries. Having the open date was something mandatory for us," he said.

The injury bug is something this team has been unable to shake, but a week off from the grind of has been the right kind of medicine to get some of the walking wounded back into action.

"We had our first work since the injuries yesterday with some critical personal groupings that may be back playing the game. A couple of corners ran for the first time. William Fields and Kenny Hill ran a little bit and looked decent, as good as I thought they would look but they seem that they feel they are going to play on Saturday.

"We have gotten back Truett Novosad and Charles Johnson back, the two offensive linemen. Greg Brown looks like he may make the game, in at least in a partial capacity," Helton said.

"Looks like Micah Malone has a real good chance of being healthy for the game. He didnit limp as much as the other two in practice."

Underestimating the Eagles

Having a healthy Cougar squad will be crucial in its quest to win out its remaining schedule, but first it has to play North Texas, a team that doesnit receive much respect.

"This is the most important game now for us because it is the stepping stone for us to win a game, and if we win in a game we are back into the hunt for all the things that you want to have happen," Helton said.

"The positive is that is if you win this one and then win the next one, next one, next one, then you have beaten a bunch of teams that most people would consider upsets and if you finish out with all victories than you have a chance to go to a bowl game."

Games of the Week

After having to sweet out its win against Louisville over the weekend, No. 22-ranked Tulane will look to extend its undefeated record as it travels to face Rutgers.

Rutgers, standing at 3-3, has been trounced in all three of its losses and probably will add a fourth as Shaun King and his receiving corps will most likely do some trouncing of their own. The only thing that may hold the wave attack from scoring may be the weather , as the boys from tulane are used to playing in a dome that stays 72 degrees year 'round.

The first time on NBC for C-USA comes in the form of No. 18 Notre Dame hosting army in South Bend.

Playing on NBC (a.k.a. the Notre Dame football channel) shouldnit strike any fear in the eyes of the cadets. These guys are soldiers, and besides they are within two yards of pulling off the upset against the Golden Domers in 1995.

With all likelihood, the cadets will get marched all over, but hopefully their wishbone, tanks and cannons can put up some kind of fight as C-USA can get some respectability against nationally ranked opponents. Besides, it would be awesome to see Notre Dame get beat in Notre Dame Stadium.

Players of the Week

Louisville's quarterback Chris Redman returns for seconds, as he nearly orchestrated a comeback in the final moments against tulane. On the day he reestablished his own school record and C-USA records for the second time this season by throwing 41 completions for 477 yards and a touchdown. He also completed 17 consecutive passes in a 20 of 23 first-half performance for 265 yards.

Bringing back interceptions for touch downs of 83 and 40 yards is more than enough for Cincinnati defensive back Shawn Ferguson to earn this weeks Defensive Player of the week. He became the first player in school and conference history to return two interceptions for touchdowns.

Memphis Freshman kicker Ryan Whites right foot enabled his Tigers to gain its first victory of the season by kicking 26,30,32 and 52 yard field goals. He is now 10 for 10 on the season and ranks 10th nationally in field goals per game.

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