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Tuesday, December 5, 2000 Volume 66, Issue 74



Candy is dandy, but Lacour ...

Well, folks this is it for me. This is my last little political diatribe before traipsing back to the city of my birth for winter break and hopefully eighteen hours of uninterrupted sleep.  

Rare moments of togetherness

I have been blessed in many ways. One of my blessings is that I know how precious life is. I learned early on that life is not to be taken for granted. It can change forever in an instant. Learn to appreciate today.

Editor blessed with great staff

Whew. As this semester draws its final breath and everybody tries to find jobs to be able to afford Christmas presents, I'd like to end this semester's The Daily Cougar by congratulating the best staff in the history of this publication. This is my last issue as editor in chief of the best daily newspaper in Houston and I'm sure you agree that this semester's staff has done a great job of covering the UH community this semester. 

Staff Editorial

Editorial Cartoon

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