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Promiscuous women should be praised

Randy Woock

There is a plethora of pejorative words used to derogatorily refer to
a sexually uninhibited woman. Why are there so many negative
synonyms for a woman whose sexual mores aren't in line with the
Judeo-Christian ideal? Why do we only use pejorative terms to
describe a woman who isn't a fervent practitioner of monogamy?
Why no complimentary terms?

I propose we stop reviling the sexually promiscuous woman and
venerate her instead. Why? Well, because promiscuous women
make the world a happier place, that's why.

Tell me who brings more joy to more people: a girl in a
monogamous relationship who would never dream of sleeping with
someone that she didn't "love" or a woman who hops in bed with
any person she finds sexually stimulating?

The latter, of course. So "mad props" to all you women out there
secure enough in yourselves that you don't need to bother with
the "sex for security" trade-off so evident in most relationships.

It's understandable why lots of more sexually repressed women
may dislike their more promiscuous sisters. I mean, talk about
having one hell of an advantage in a popularity contest. While sex
may not be the only thing on a guy's mind, it does go a long way
towards making us more kindly disposed toward someone.

And speaking of guys, it's time we males stopped being so
sickeningly hypocritical about the whole "slut" issue. Any and all
male revulsion towards promiscuous women comes from nothing
more than a pathetic attack of religious sexual guilt.

This guilt is coming from our success in fulfilling our "basic
biological imperative" (a.k.a. fornication) with a willing and eager
associate (this going against typical religious tradition, which
forbids sexual knowledge of a woman before she's made your
property -- oops, I mean partner -- in marriage).

Having failed to be the perfect sexual robot as decreed by the laws
of the tribe, the male transfers the guilt he feels into anger towards
the woman gracious enough to copulate with him. "She's just a
slut," a man will say of a woman after he's enjoyed her company
for precisely that reason.

The sexual double standard of male versus female promiscuity is
too bloody apparent to even bother dealing with. We'll just
acknowledge its existence with a sad shake of the head and
continue on our way.

So let's cut the crap, people, and stop reviling those who don't
suffer from the same sexual hang-ups as the rest of us. Folks who
repress their sexuality in the confining container of monogamy like
to consider themselves "good," while regarding those not so stifled
by the abuse that annotates our society's sexual programming as
"immoral." They do this in the same manner as the slaves who were
too cowardly to revolt with Spartacus thought of themselves as
"moral" while damning those struggling for their freedom as being

Slaves love to think of themselves as anything but what they
actually are, and the moralist cripples would like nothing better
than for us all to crawl on our bellies with them.

Woock, a senior psychology
major, can be reached at nrrandy@hotmail.com.

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