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Volume 68, Issue 3, Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Arts & Entertainment


Authority rules with 'Time'
Don't let the classical guitar in the introduction fool you. Authority Zero is punk rock through and through. Utilizing elements from ska, oi! and
old-school, Authority Zero is the closest you can get to eclectic in such a nonconformist genre.

Blaffer showcases Byron's 'Notebook'
Who would have thought a worn notebook would soon become the centerpiece of an art display?

Coldplay plays it safe on 'A Rush of Blood'
When Coldplay emerged in early 2001, it was welcomed by former Radiohead fans who had grown tired of the band's never-ending
experimental phase. In fact, Parachutes sounded much like what Radiohead might have sounded like if it had stuck to its Bends-era ballads.

Greenwheel's 'Soma' bores with worm pop
 St. Charles, Mo. band Greenwheel has rolled in with it's undeniably poppish debut, Soma Holiday.


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