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Volume 68, Issue 3, Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Arts & Entertainment

A Passage in Time rocks with a blend of sounds.

Authority rules with 'Time'

By Miriam Rouziek
The Daily Cougar

Don't let the classical guitar in the introduction fool you. Authority Zero is punk rock through and through. Utilizing elements from ska, oi! and
old-school, Authority Zero is the closest you can get to eclectic in such a nonconformist genre.

Photo courtesy of Lava Records

Authority Zero's (Bill Marcks (left), Jason Devore, Jim Wilcox and Jeremy Wood) latest album 

A Passage in Time is their latest album, with 13 songs that manage to squeeze at least two, if not all, of the different types of punk rock into
each one. That's not entirely a bad thing, however, as they've managed to pull it off. The end product is one of the best albums this critic has

At first, they appear to be your average punk band, giving us loud guitars, angry lyrics and at a speed that's guaranteed to make your parents
cringe. However, further into the second song, they prove that they're not all that they appear to be.

When the musical combination is added to the Speed-Metal style guitar-riffs, they seamlessly blend to create an amazing album. From the
beginning of A Passage in Time (track 2), "Not You," the influences of the different styles of punk rock become apparent.

Although I'm not personally fond of ska in any shape or form, these guys know how to make it work for them, and it sounds awesome. There
wasn't much I didn't like on this album.

Authority Zero

A Passage in Time

Lava Records

the verdict:The blend of influences make this one of the best albums to come out in a while.

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