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Volume 68, Issue 3, Wednesday, August 28, 2002


Parking on campus can be a test of patience

Parking: Expansions may help ease parking problems

Luis Zepeda
The Daily Cougar

As the fall semester begins, many students have come to realize that finding a parking space at UH is an exercise in patience and luck.

Being late for class is not unusual the first days of school as rushing (or crawling) through lines and lines of cars take away much more time
than expected.

Several parking lot expansion projects are expected to be completed this semester, however, which will add much-needed parking spaces in an
attempt to ease the parking woes.

"The first two weeks of school are always the worst; student attendance is at its peak as well as students being on campus for (several)
issues," said Paul Lozano, supervisor of parking enforcement. "The parking situation improves significantly after this period."

Unfortunately for students, some spaces are being lost this semester.

"Close to 200 parking spaces will also be lost due to reconfiguration/beautification projects, which will include the planting of trees along Cullen
Blvd between (Interstate) 45 and Elgin," Lozano said.

However, not all are losses. One of the new scheduled parking projects is the expansion of faculty and staff parking lot 15C and the expansion
of economy lot 9B on Cullen Boulevard.

Parking and Transportation Services is working on a temporary gravel lot of 300 to 400 spaces on the corner of Wheeler Avenue and Calhoun
Road. The anticipated date for the lot to be completed is Sept. 9.

While the construction of new parking is well underway, dozens of students waited in line late Tuesday to purchase parking permits at the PTS
office in the basement of the E. Cullen Building. Semester parking decals fees were raised to $62 from $60, while annual permits cost now
$104, up $4 from last year.

The raise in parking fees was recently approved for the UH Fiscal Year 2003 to allow future parking facility improvements.

Opinions about parking problems among students ranged from outrage to resignation. A construction of a high-rise parking building was
suggested among possible solutions to the parking problems. 

"I have no complaints about parking at all. People complain when they can't park in front of the door," said senior finance major Vance William,
while walking out of Melcher Hall. "But I do understand when you have to park here and then walk all the way to the other part of campus."

Not everyone shares William's views.

"What really needs to take place is a high-rise parking building construction, with a shuttle bringing students back and forth," said Santosh Eype,
a senior finance major. "Expanding up is the solution to the problem."

The open parking period ends Sept. 5. After that, all cars without a valid parking decal will be ticketed.
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