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Volume 68, Issue 3, Wednesday, August 28, 2002


Staff Editorial


Ed De La Garza        Josh Gajewski       Nikie Johnson
         Geronimo Rodriguez          Keenan Singleton

Houston, no go

Chicago was cast as the Greek strongman, Atlas. Hoisted on the city's big shoulders were the 2012 Olympic bids of New York, the city of big
mouths, Washington D.C., the city of big liars, San Francisco, the city of big bridges and Houston, the city of big dreams.

Unfortunately, those big dreams were deferred in Chicago Monday when the United States Olympic Committee selected New York and
Washington D.C. as the international bid cities.

Looks like Atlas dropped the ball.

San Francisco is our country's beauty queen, flush with exquisite and extensive gardens and the Fisherman's Wharf that tourists attack like ants
on a dead grasshopper. New York's the bad boy, with a flippant attitude and rudeness that belie the family atmosphere at Times Square. It was
also a desirable locale because of the symbolic triumph over the events of Sept. 11.

Neither city is a bad choice. Each has a style and flair that will allow the United States to carry as much international weight with the International
Olympic Committee as Fat Albert after a double cheeseburger and a large vanilla shake.

Houston was deemed unsuitable because of its lack of worldly appeal and tourist traps. OK, so maybe we're the unflappable Ford Taurus that
has a dent from classic game of flag football and spews to much pollution, but all in all, a more than solid pick.

San Francisco and New York are sleek, but they can't pass inspection because of busted muffler. In other words, their problems are more
glaring, immediate and far more serious than ours.

If it were just an in-house competition sans the leering eye of international judges, Houston should have twisted the winning bottle cap.

Our city might not have the patriotic pulse pumper, Statue of Liberty or the Golden Gate Bridge, but our first-class facilities should have furthered
our bid to have our name chosen in 2005 as the site of the 2012 Olympics.

The University administration was just as interested in the announcement as Mayor Lee Brown and other city leaders. UH planned on using
on-campus housing for the competitors and the athletics facilities for various events.

So we miss out on the glory and grandeur, but we also miss out on the added traffic.

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